Okay, this will be short and sweet. 

Listen, and listen to me well. If you think that you’re the shit: BE THE SHIT. Proudly.

Lately, I’ve struggled with identity, self-worth, things like that. For the longest, I really felt like I wasn’t enough. I found myself changing for people.

For example, I am not a big church goer. I grew up in church, as it was NOT a choice given to me by my grandparens. I was there seemed like 5 days out of the week. So, when I got older, and had the choice I stopped going. For me, it was simply to research and build my own understanding on much of what I was being taught, still am to this day. Either way, I was losing friends. People I grew up with, family members, etc. I just didn’t understand. So, I joined the hype. And GUESS WHAT? I still lost people over this same issue. And I was uncomfortable because I was joining a hype I didn’t understand. 

So, I came to this conclusion: you can’t please people!!! There will never be a time when people will be able to be pleased. So, why change the way I am to keep a bunch of complaining ass people happy? 

Another example would be that I struggle with my weight. Always have. But my weight is odd. It’s up and down, up and down. When it’s up, I complain and don’t do a damn thing about it. When it’s down, I think I’m the baddest ting walking, don’t do shit to keep it down and then it’s right back up.
I found myself working out and changing my diet DRASTICALLY to keep up with these Atlanta chicks. I was fussing at myself, feeling sorry because I didn’t look like the next girl. BUT CHILD PLEASE. My boobs are a little bigger than I would like but that’s fine. I had to realize that CONFIDENCE is what makes you the baddest ting in the room. Be proud of who you are and WEAR IT on your face, in your style, your walk and your talk.

I say all of that to say, BE YOU. Be proud of who you are, be accepting of who you are and if you don’t like something, change it! But make sure you’re changing yourself FOR YOU. We can’t all be out here people pleasing. It’s a process, TRUST ME. This will not happen overnight. But believe me when I say, living for YOU is the best thing you could ever do for yourself. Understanding and accepting that you don’t have to be perfect is life changing.

Speak love, light and positivity over yourself, always.

love, Kay.


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