About the Author

I’m Makayla. I’m 20yrs old. I created this blog with no certain thing in mind.. It’s a system of venting for me. I am from Mobile, AL currently residing in Atlanta. I am the oldest of three siblings. I am funny. I am a lover, a hard lover. I am a worker. I am determined. And as of recently, I am in the process finding myself, in order to become who I truly am. Honestly, I’m just living. I’m living everyday and everyday there is a new adventure, or there is a new struggle for me. I have seen so much and have acquired so much that I have been burning to share with people. I felt that my friends were not enough. I felt that maybe there are some people out there who can read my stories and experiences and could find peace knowing they are not alone. I feel that my voice is important and what is the point of writing as much as I do if I am not going to share. So, you guys are invited to join me on my journey. This blog will include the perks, the habits (good and bad), the times (also good and bad lol) that I experience on a daily basis. As well as daily topics, discussions, anything my readers would like to know. The goal is to let everyone know they aren’t alone.